About us

We are a distributor and import company that is mainly active on the Japanese food market. In 2007 the company grew from a small company to a wholesaler with a clientele across the BeNeLux in 2015. Service and Quality are the core values within our company and have contributed to our growth and development. In addition, we corporate with our customers on how they can improve and innovate their businesses. Our customers highly value our flexibility and services which most of the time results in long term business cooperation.

Our company works closely with our suppliers to continuously improve the quality of our products and to meet the customer’s demands. Currently we are the exclusive distributor of a number of highly acclaimed brands and in addition we also offer our own company brand products. Our own company brands stand certainly for good quality and competitive pricing we do not settle for anything less!

We are a multinational company consisting out a staff of different cultures and backgrounds. Which is a great enrichment and contributes to our flexibility and service orientation. Moreover is our team made up of hardworking colleagues who complement and respect each other, a team you can rely on!